The Sanger Smile

Welcome to the dental office of Dr. Wendy Sanger.

Dr. Sanger's practice is dedicated to providing the highest standards of dentistry in a comfortable environment. She believes that confidence begins with a fantastic smile and is committed to creating sensational esthetics.

Many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and low birth weight in babies have been linked to the bacteria in the oral cavity. Dr. Sanger views the mouth as part of the whole body and looks for any systemic concerns that might be connected to intraoral tissues. She strives to maintain your dental health in a professional yet compassionate manner. She provides a unique experience that cannot be obtained in every office.

Dr. Sanger prides herself on providing quality dentistry in a relaxed, comfortable environment. Her warm, approachable personality makes any discussion or procedure easy and stress-free so that you come away with a truly unique dental experience.

“Once you enter our suite, you become part of our family.”

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